Email List Funnel – Simplified In My Own Words

In this post, I’ll simplify what is a funnel in my own words and based on my personal experience.

Since I started learning affiliate marketing, I’ve noticed different types of funnels. The one I’ll describe in this post is a three-step funnel I use when you click the SUBSCRIBE banner on this blog.

First, Let’s Add Some Definitions:

Leads: people who show interest in becoming subscribers.

Subscriber: a lead who decides to provide its email.

Lead Magnet: a free gift/s the subscriber will get for providing its email.

Opt-in Page (step 1)

Here, I explain what the lead will receive if they provide their email address to become subscribers. In my case, I offer two free video training gifts, updates of my latest blog posts (such as the one you are reading now), and periodic offers of affiliate marketing products I used myself.

Usually, the opt-in page has a small form where the lead can input their name and email, although I decided to make the name optional.

Confirmation Page or Thank You Page (step 2)

I noticed this page has different names. I like to call it a confirmation page.

After the lead submits their email from the opt-in page form, a confirmation page instructs them to visit their submitted email to click a confirmation link.

As an affiliate marketer, I can make this step optional. Still, I decided to add it because it filters out people who are not genuinely interested in subscribing.

My theory is that I’ll get better results with people who use a mobile device instead of a desktop because it’s easier to tap the email notification on the phone instead of browsing their email account through a desktop.

Lead Magnet Page (step 3)

Here is where my new subscriber arrives to receive their two free video training.


I created this funnel to build my email list of subscribers. As an affiliate marketer, my job is to email my subscribers with free content that can be valuable and useful to them in some way. Sometimes, I’ll combine my content with offers they might find beneficial if they decide to purchase them.

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7 responses to “Email List Funnel – Simplified In My Own Words”

  1. Thanks for your post! I find the simpler, the better. There are so many moving pieces in affiliate marketing that deeply understanding the fundamentals is critical. Subscriber funnels are essential. As long as your three essentials are used a profitable business can be built. Bells and whistles can be added as your knowledge builds.

  2. I love how you’ve broken down the concept of a funnel into such easy-to-understand steps. It’s super helpful, especially for someone just starting out in affiliate marketing. Your personal touch and clear definitions make it feel so approachable. I also think it’s smart to include that confirmation step to ensure your subscribers are genuinely interested. I completely agree about the mobile users it’s definitely easier to tap on a phone! Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing your insights!

  3. Hi Alberto,

    Thanks for breaking down what a funnel is in such a clear and relatable way! Your three-step funnel explanation makes it super easy to understand, especially for those of us just getting started with affiliate marketing.

    I appreciate how you’ve defined the key terms right off the bat—it sets a solid foundation for the rest of the post. Your approach to the opt-in page, confirmation page, and lead magnet page is practical and straightforward. Plus, offering valuable free gifts in exchange for an email is a great strategy to build a genuine list of engaged subscribers.

    The bit about making the confirmation step optional but choosing to include it to filter out uninterested leads is insightful. It’s clear that you’ve put thought into optimizing your funnel to attract quality subscribers.

    Thanks for sharing your personal experience with funnels. It’s always helpful to see real-life applications of these concepts. Looking forward to your next post!


  4. Thank you for breaking down the concept of a funnel in such a clear and relatable way. Your step-by-step explanation, along with your personal experience, makes the process easy to understand, especially for those new to affiliate marketing.

    I appreciate you sharing your funnel strategy and the reason behind each step. It’s incredibly helpful for those of us who are new and looking to optimize our own funnels.

  5. Alberto, simple is always better! You have certainly done a great job of explaining your funnel design in simple, easy to follow terms. Keep up the good work and I look forward to your future posts as you continue to move forward.

  6. This is a great way to describe what can be a daunting and confusing subject. Any budding affiliate marketer would benefit greatly from this post. The way you have described every detailed step is wonderfully easy to follow and to the point. Looking forward to seeing more of these kind of posts. All the best.

  7. Your approach to explaining the funnel you use for building your email list is clear and practical, reflecting your understanding of affiliate marketing. The three-step process—starting with the opt-in page where you offer valuable content, followed by a confirmation page to ensure genuine interest, and ending with the delivery of your lead magnet—is well thought out. It’s smart to optimise for mobile users, acknowledging their convenience in confirming subscriptions. Your strategy not only focuses on providing value through free content but also integrates occasional affiliate offers, enhancing engagement with your subscribers. Overall, your funnel design seems strategic and geared towards building a responsive and engaged email list.

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